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A New Lavender Field

We are currently planting a new lavender field at Allaire Lavender Farm. Lavender is a lovely, fragrant, perennial herb with some varieties flowering mid May but most flowering the first day of summer, June 20.

Lavender requires the following to thrive:

  1. Full Sun

2. Good draining soil- sloping, sandy soil is superb and that is what we have.

3. The right lavender varieties within certain climates- we will grow 3 varieties: Hidcote,

Sensational and Big Time Blue.

4. Water- provide a good soaking and then allow to dry out before watering again.

Field Prep:

1. First we tilled the field. Good equipment makes a big difference.

2. Then we covered it entirely with a heavy duty weed fabric. It's important to tack it down well and even add stones to prevent the wind from tearing it up.

3. Then we ran a taught string to create our planting line and measure out an equal distance

between plants...we used 30" spacing on center.

4. Next we burned a whole in the weed barrier with a torch where each plant would be placed being careful to maintain our straight line. Burning is better than cutting because it cauterizes the fabric and prevents it from fraying.

5. Finally, we planted the field plugs in the newly burned wholes and covered the plants with soil. Field plugs are small and should produce lavender flower this year which will attract butterflies, honey and bumble bees and other good pollinators. Lavender plants take 3 years to fully mature so the next 2 years this new lavender will become a field of beauty.

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