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Alpaca Herd

Updated: Mar 28

We are pleased to introduce our new Suri Alpaca herd. Suri alpacas make up less than 10% of the total alpaca population worldwide. They are famous for their thick, soft fleece which for centuries has been known as "Fiber of the Gods".

Our herd comes courtesy of Memory M-Acres in Hopewell, NJ. Memory M-Acres is passionate about breeding high quality show alpacas with some of the best bloodlines in the country. They were the 2021 Small Farm Alpaca Breeder of the Year and had the 2021 Herd Sire of the Year.

Our 5 girls have retired from the show ring and are here for you to view and interact with. They are a proud, wary and yet curious group.

We invite you to visit our farm, enter their pasture, hand feed and walk them on a lead.

Alpaca herd

Alpaca herd

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